About Us

San Yueh Textile Company is a vertically integrated textiles operation based in central Taiwan. Since our founding in 1971, we have continuously innovated and invested to stay at the forefront of the constantly changing market for yarn and fabric and support the ever-increasing demands of our customers.


Today, San Yueh is organized into three product groups.

Our Spinning group operates a modern spinning mill focused on specialty staple yarns. San Yueh’s deep expertise in yarn development and investment in the latest equipment enables us to support our customers’ requirements across a diverse range of fiber types and spinning technologies (Ring, Open End, Vortex).

Our Weaving group operates a modern mill equipped with warping and sizing machines and 80 air-jet and rapier looms capable of producing a variety of woven fabrics including plain, twill, and satin.

San Yueh’s Textile Development group leverages 40+ years of experience in the textile production chain and our extensive partner network to deliver end-to-end textile solutions customized to the specific requirements of each customer. Our dedicated team brings expertise in all aspects of textile development, including yarn and fabric development, knitting/weaving, dyeing and finishing, and printing along with an unmatched focus on service to ensure our customers’ success.